Meet Lucky, the embodiment of resilience and positivity in canine form. This charming chap first graced our doors in 2020, a young pup full of promise. Though he found a loving home soon after, life threw him a curveball, and he’s back with us now, seeking his true forever family.

At 5 years young, Lucky exudes health, vitality, and a zest for life. His repertoire of tricks and commands speaks volumes about his intelligence and eagerness to please. Plus, he’s already mastered the fine art of being a perfect houseguest, with impeccable manners both indoors and on leash.

Lucky’s interests are as varied as they are endearing. From thrilling car rides to leisurely walks, spirited games of tug of war to cozy cuddle sessions, he’s a versatile companion ready to join in any adventure. And while he may indulge in the occasional countertop exploration (who can resist a tasty morsel?), his heart truly sings when showered with affection and rewarded with treats for his playful antics.
Of course, every hero has their quirks, and Lucky is no exception. He’s not a fan of nail trims or relinquishing prized possessions, a trait he’s working on with patience and understanding. And who can blame him for preferring uninterrupted slumber or expressing his concerns through a well-timed bark?
We envision Lucky thriving in a home with older children (10+ years old) who can match his energy and respect his boundaries. While he may entertain the idea of canine companionship, he’s a true people’s pup at heart, craving undivided attention and affection. With a bit of guidance and a whole lot of love, Lucky promises to be the loyal, devoted companion you’ve been searching for. We are happy to answer any questions you may have (603) 539-1077.
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