Cindy Lou Who has spent HALF her life at the Lakes Region Humane Society (LRHS)…

Like so many animals before her, this situation is NOT fair, and it’s NOT her fault.

Cindy was brought to LRHS by Effingham Animal Control last November after someone abandoned her on the side of a road in Effingham. Upon admission to the shelter, it was clear that this sweet girl, who was practically a puppy herself, was a milking mother. We assumed someone sold her pups to make a quick buck and dumped her when she was no longer useful to them.

If you’ve ever wondered why shelters are always advising owners to spay/neuter their pets, THIS is why.

Twenty-four hours after Cindy was found, 4 of her pups were abandoned in the same exact location. They were about 4 weeks old and were promptly reunited with their mother at LRHS. Cindy cared for her pups until they were 8-weeks-old and could be adopted. Six months after Cindy was found, a couple walked in needing to surrender two dogs. As it turned out the two dogs they surrendered were ALSO from Cindy’s litter and had been sold to them for $300 (rather than abandoned roadside as their siblings were).

Despite her tumultuous beginnings, Cindy is a chipper gal. She is playful, energetic, loves to run, fetch, go on car rides, and go for walks. She’s almost 2-years-old and is quite healthy. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccinations.

Try as we may, a shelter is not the best place for dogs to live, long-term. Cindy needs more exercise, training, and attention than we can provide. She deserves to be in a home where her needs are met, and she is doted on.

We are sharing her story in the hopes that the right person will read it and decide that they need a sweet, beautiful, and active dog to accompany them on their adventures. Cindy can be dog selective, but our seasoned staff are happy to assist with dog-on-dog meet and greet appointments for approved adopters. We don’t recommend Cindy for a home with cats or young children due to her exuberance and lack of training. We are happy to answer any questions you may have (603) 539-1077.

Can’t adopt? You can advocate for Cindy  by sharing her story with friends and family!

Please call ahead if you’d like to set an appointment to visit pets 603-539-1077.

Approved applications are required for dog visits.

There is no cost to surrender a pet to LRHS, however appointments are required. 

“The mission of the Lakes Region Humane Society is to care for cats and dogs in need until they can be adopted, and to promote their health and welfare through community outreach and education.”

“The staff at Lakes Region Humane Society are a paw above the rest. They helped us with every step of the adoption and made it possible to find the best fit for our family. You could tell they spent time with their animals and were able to explain just what kind of personality each pet had. Very highly recommend and am thankful for them.” – Bobby Coburn

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