***Updated COVID-19 Plan as of 4/30/2020**

LRHS is conducting limited hands-free/virtual adoptions until the shelter in place ordinance is lifted.

If you need to surrender your pet, we can still help; call in advance to set an appointment. If you can wait to surrender you pet, please do so as they will likely be in the shelter for a longer-than-normal period of time due to our limited adoption program.

If you find a stray pet, contact your local police department. They will send an officer to collect the pet and deliver it to our 24/7 pet hold.

If your pet has gone missing, please call LRHS and your police department to report it.

Our southern dog transport program has been placed on hold.

The Annual Spring Fashion Show Fundraiser has been rescheduled from Fri. June 12th to Fri. Oct. 9th.

We have called off volunteers but are now seeking volunteers who are willing to work outside on yard projects independently.

We ask that you refrain from delivering towels and blankets which can harbor the virus. We ARE accepting donations of unopened pet food which we will sanitize and re-distribute to pets in need.
If you need pet food or litter call us and we will supply you with some 603-539-1077.

We are doing ALL we can to stretch our limited funding during this time of financial uncertainty.

We have a small and hard-working family of employees who are continuing to provide quality care for homeless pets daily.

Things are quiet here…we miss you and are thinking of you.

We hope you can continue to support us however you are able as we all wobble forward together.

Ways You Can Help:
Stay positive ~ we are all in this together!
Make a single or monthly donation
Shop our virtual wish list
Stay home so we can get back to “normal” sooner

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“The mission of the Lakes Region Humane Society is to care for cats and dogs in need until they can be adopted, and to promote their health and welfare through community outreach and education.”

“The staff at Lakes Region Humane Society are a paw above the rest. They helped us with every step of the adoption and made it possible to find the best fit for our family. You could tell they spent time with their animals and were able to explain just what kind of personality each pet had. Very highly recommend and am thankful for them.” – Bobby Coburn

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