Ever wonder what the Lakes Region Humane Society does?

Watch this video to find out.

Free Barn Cat Program

Welcoming a cat into your barn can decrease rodent populations and, as a result, help protect food supplies, electrical wiring and insulation. These hand selected cats enjoy living independently and hunting but are not necessarily fond of human contact or living in a home.

Each barn cat has received the following vetting: spay/neuter surgery, ear tip, negative blood test, negative fecal test, Rabies & Distemper vaccinations, microchip, flea/tick preventative (good for 1 month).

In return for this complimentary service, LRHS asks that you commit to providing your new barn cat with fresh food and water daily, a dry and secure barn, garage, warehouse or building and veterinary care as needed. Call us if interested at 603-539-1077.

“The mission of the Lakes Region Humane Society is to care for cats and dogs in need until they can be adopted, and to promote their health and welfare through community outreach and education.”

“The staff at Lakes Region Humane Society are a paw above the rest. They helped us with every step of the adoption and made it possible to find the best fit for our family. You could tell they spent time with their animals and were able to explain just what kind of personality each pet had. Very highly recommend and am thankful for them.” – Bobby Coburn

LRHS sells low cost pet crates!