Meet Our Board

President Mary Lenzen

  • Time with LRHS: since June 2017
  • Area of expertise: computer skills & non-profit boards
  • Pets: cat, Zia and dog, Jenna both adopted from LRHS
  • Hobbies: reading and traveling

Vice President Stacey Grasso

  • Time with LRHS: Since 2017
  • Area of expertise: Computer Science
  • Pets: German Shepherds, 2 cats & 12 Guinea hens
  • Hobbies: hiking, gardening & playing Bingo

Treasurer Thomas Young

  • Time with LRHS: volunteer since Nov., 2017, Director since June, 2017
  • Area of expertise: background in engineering, 35 years running a small business, and 17 years as a Director of a small Bank in Portsmouth, NH
  • Pets: Golden Retrievers Cookie & Red
  • Hobbies: avid vegetable gardener, enjoys reading and walking

Secretary Dorrie Vrettos

  • Time with LRHS: began as a volunteer, joined the Board from 2013-2014, remained a recorder on the Shelter Committee from 2014-2015 and rejoined the Board in April of 2017
  • Area of expertise: Respiratory Therapist and Certified Quality Manager
  • Pets: Loves animals, especially dogs, former dog passed away
  • Hobbies: golfing, snowmobiling, baking and creating gift baskets

Ruth Hall

  • Time with LRHS: December of 2016
  • Area of expertise: Law
  • Pets: Exotic birds and Reese, a Wheaten Terrier adopted from LRHS
  • Hobbies: Volunteering

Jonathan Hopewell

  • Time with LRHS: since May 21st, 2018
  • Area of expertise: software engineering & general “Jack of all trades”
  • Pets: 2  dogs – Lily, a 12 year old chow/boxer mix rescue & Murphy, a playful 3 year old mixed breed.
  • Hobbies: woodworking, photography,  gardening, kayaking  and maple sapping, to name a few

Carole Hunt

  • Time with LRHS: since 1998
  • Area of expertise: retired English teacher
  • Pets: LRHS rescue dog named Harmony
  • Hobbies: volunteering, antiques business

Elizabeth Kelley-Scott

  • Time with LRHS: since January, 2017
  • Area of expertise: non-profit management
  • Pets: Westin, a service dog from A.C.T.S. & Apple, a cat adopted from LRHS
  • Hobbies: reading, bicycling, spending time with family and pets

Judy Lawless

  • Time with LRHS: served as an Advisor or board member since 2003
  • Area of expertise: business management and retail sales
  • Pets: none currently but many over the years
  • Hobbies: Volunteering, gardening, reading to name a few!

Mary O’Brien

  • Time with LRHS: September, 2016
  • Area of expertise: Software skills for PC’s and proficient in Microsoft Excel &Word.
  • Pets: 2 Grand-dogs: Hector, a lovable Coton du Tulear & Cleo, a sweet King Charles Spaniel
  • Hobbies: Hiking, she has climbed all of the 48 four thousand footers and has the patch to prove it!

Mary Pruchansky

  • Time with LRHS: since June of 2018
  • Area of expertise: small business management
  • Pets: Barkley and Bella (Portuguese Water Dogs), Nasak (Friesian dressage horse), Fred (retired eventing horse) Zorro (miniature horse), a barn cat and chickens.
  • Hobbies: horseback riding, hiking, golf & gardening.

Ann Scott

  • Time with LRHS: since May 21st, 2018
  • Area of expertise: sales
  • Pets: None at this time
  • Hobbies: Knitting and gardening

Holly Williams Aucoin

  • Time with LRHS: since 2013
  • Area of expertise: non-profit management & fundraising.
  • Pets: Shephard mix named Hilly from Happy Tails Rescue & a rescue cat named Melvin
  • Hobbies: traveling, swimming, spinning, running & hiking with her dog

Advisors to the Board

Carla Copeland – LRHS member since 2011

Karen Coan – LRHS member since 2011

Linda Pacheco – LRHS member since 2011

Lindy Viscio – LRHS member since 2011

V. Richard Ward Jr. – LRHS member since 2010