Lost & Found Pets

Should your pet go missing, call us AND your local Police Departments AND Veterinary Hospitals to report them as missing. Ask neighbors, hang flyers and put food and clothes with your scent outside to help guide them back.

When you contact LRHS we will record your information in our Lost & Found binder and, with your permission, post a photo of your pet with your contact information to our Facebook Page. Many people are reunited with their pets thanks to Facebook. To view missing or found pet reports, scroll though our Facebook page here.

Granite State Dog Recovery is another wonderful resource that helps reunite lost dogs with their owners by creating flyers and broadcasting them online.

Click here for video tips on recovering your lost cat.

To retrieve a lost pet from LRHS owners must first provide: proof of rabies vaccination, town dog license and payment in full. Checks are not accepted for re-claims.

Kenneling & Processing Fees:

  • $45 intake fee for the 1st day
  • $17 per day for a dog
  • $10 per day for a cat

If your pet was brought into LRHS by Animal Control, they may charge you an additional fine. LRHS is required to collect town fines before releasing a pet.

If after 7 days, an owner has not reclaimed their pet, it qualifies as abandonment and ownership of teh pet will default to LRHS. It will then be fully vetted and re-homed.

Be proactive – keep your contact information on your pet at all times to avoid a trip to the shelter!

Whether you choose a custom tag or embroidered collar, your pet should be wearing your name and phone number so that if a stranger or police officer finds your pet, they can contact you directly.

I found a stray animal, what should I do?

Strays animals can be unpredictable and frightened. This can lead to sporadic or dangerous behaviors. Should you happen to find a stray dog contact your local Police Department immediately. Animals can transfer fleas, mites, mange, worms, etc. to you and your pets. Whenever possible, allow a police professional to handle strays. If called, an officer will bring a stray to the safety of LRHS for you.

If you come across a cat that you think is a stray:

  • If you live in the town of Wolfeboro, call your local Police Department and they will catch and transport the cat to LRHS.
  • Talk to your neighbors to see if anyone owns the cat or has information on the cat.
  • If no owner is found, contact LRHS and we will direct you to the best course of action based on your unique observations. Some cats are friendly but others can be more difficult and my require trapping.bissle-lost-pet-logo