Online Adoption Application


  1. There is no fee to submit an application. Once approved, your application is valid for a year.
  2. Indicate which animal you are applying AND the qualities you’d like in an pet. This way, if the pet you’re interested in is adopted by someone else, we can contact you when another animal that fits your criteria becomes available.
  3. Ensure (required) fields are completed. Biggest blooper – if you own your home it will still require you to fill out a the land lord name field – enter your name there. If you leave required fields blank, the application will not come through.
  4. There are two “SUBMIT” buttons on this page – CLICK THE FIRST SUBMIT BUTTON. The second submit button is used to register for the online newsletter, if you click that it will take you to a different application and you will lose your work.
  5. If successfully submitted, you will get a pop up telling you so AND receive a confirmation email.
  6. Call us if you are having trouble 603-539-1077.