Foster Program

We rely on foster homes to help us care for pets who would otherwise be at the shelter for an extended period of time due to medical issues, special behavioral needs or age.

The foster program frees up space in the shelter, which allows us to help even more animals while providing better care and enrichment to the pets who qualify for the foster program.

Become a Foster Parent by completing the Foster Application and Waiver online or click to print.  Once approved, we will contact you to schedule a home visit to ensure your home is pet proof. Before fostering we will set you up with everything you will need to succeed from literature and phone support to food & supplies supplies and medical care. Call or stop in to inquire about becoming a LRHS Foster Parent.

Foster Perks: should you choose to adopt a pet that you have been fostering, you will receive a 50% discount off the adoption fee – not to be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts. Spay/Neuter deposits will still be required for puppies and kittens being adopted intact.

Resources for Kitten Foster Parents

We highly recommend checking out the Kitten Lady website and videos for more detailed videos and instructions but here’s some links to get you started.

Bottle Feeding Kittens – this must be done when fostering 0-5 week-old kittens without a mother.

Stimulating Kittens – this must be done when fostering 0-5 week-old younger kittens without a mother.

Weaning Kittens – this should begin when kittens are around 5 weeks of age.

Feral Kittens – are kittens born in the wild without interaction with humans.

Get Kittens to Stop Biting You – It’s not personal, it’s natural! Here’s how you can stop it.

ASPCA sexing kittens

ASPCA kitten aging teeth chart

ASPCA Feline Foster Care Guide – a great resource for foster homes. NOTE: LRHS emergency medical care policies vary from the ASPA Guide but the general home prep. and kitten care still apply.