Public Services

Assistance Reuniting Lost Pets with Owners

Have you lost or found a pet? If so, click here.

Nail Clipping

Can you hear every footstep your dog takes across a hardwood or tile floor? Have you noticed scratch marks on your furniture from your cat? If so, it’s time to clip their nails!

LRHS offers nail clipping services. Please call ahead to make a nail clipping appointment for your dog or cat. The cost is $12 per pet.

Low Cost Pet Carrier Sales

Whether you need a pet carrier for travel or are interested in crate training your dog, LRHS can help! Stop by our location at to purchase affordable pet carriers and crates. Small-med. cat and dog carriers/crates, lightly used: $10 each, large crates $25

Pet Food Pantry

When LRHS receives pet food/supply donations that we can’t use, we donate them to local food pantries. LRHS donates pet food and supplies to the Life Ministries Food Pantry #569-0202, the Wakefield Food Pantry # 522-3094 and the Agape Ministries Food Pantry #539-4456. Should you or a friend require free pet food, litter, supplies please call LRHS #539-1077 or your local food pantry, we are here to help!

Humane Trap Rental Program

If you are having an issue with unwanted critters, remove them the humane way with a humane trap. LRHS offers free rental of humane live animal traps that are durable, safe, and effective.

Please contact LRHS ahead of time to ensure we have a trap available. $50 refundable deposit required.